Friday, 13 April 2012

Cool week mate

What's been happening? Not loads but here's my week in pictures...
I did some sketchy things for the Amazing People Club.. The 'Amazing Olympians' e-book is out with Apple really soon and my portraits are being turned into moving 'avatars' so I had to fiddle around with some facial expressions!

..I showed my little bubba how to forage for food on the kitchen floor. Ok, not least I hope that's not what I was doing, that would be kind of unhygenic... 


...and I've just been sketching up some 'love circles' (as I like to call them) and getting my lino carve on for a logo (soon to be blogged about, keep your eyeballs peeled).   

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

what's all this about owls?

Everyone loves owls at the moment, don't ask me why. Maybe its the 360 degree rotational head thing they've got going on. Here's a little commission I got called Clive, he's got more friends on the way.

Monday, 2 April 2012

hot meerkats

This week I've been up to some interesting things workwise. Two of them I can't talk about today but theyre pretty fun and fingers crossed will be loved all over the place...updates very soon.

The one I can talk about is my good friends The Amazing People Club, who I've been illustrating for for a while now. The lovely creator, Dr Charles Margerison is a brilliant man, probably one of my favourite people. He's always got an interesting project going on. The Amazing People Club is, suprise suprise, all about amazing people. Books, audios, e-books and, what we're working on at the moment, animated 'avatars' of the people Charles has written about. I love working with APC and I'll be posting up portraits and random bits & bobs every week.

If you like a bit of history that's not how you'd imagine it, check out their webpage, follow them on twitter or on Charles's blog 

On another note, here's a nice little meerkat.