Monday, 28 July 2014

shiny teeth and too much surfing

And yet again I've left it for weeks / months since my last blog post - can I use the excuse of being too busy to remember? It's actually the truth, although not all of it involved work (recent tropical sunshine weather and continuous fun little waves equal much time spent outdoors and in the sea). But the work front has been equally fun recently - projects just completed/on the go/in progression include various custom orders, a cafe wall mural, a homewares piece for Marks&Spencer, a couple of interviews and an artist event with footwear company Vans (another blog post to come on this v soon but I've had a lot of fun creating designs on a mysterious bag of single shoes which arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago).
Yesterday was interesting for a number of reasons but mostly for turning up to the post office to buy a paper and not being able to look at it for 5 minutes because my face was peering back at me - strange but true and unlikely to ever happen again, but the Western Morning News had kindly approached me for an interview & somehow I ended up on the front cover of West, the Sunday supplement magazine...I have professional photographer Mike Alsford to thank for my gleaming teeth & nice skin (thanks Mike!)


Thursday, 29 May 2014

Up in the Sky

A blog post at long last - its been a while!
Things have been happening - art courses, work projects, moving house, weekends away... but I seem to have had a fresh bundle of inspiration the last few months which is what we creative types love. As usual nature has a lot to do with things - up in the sky seems to be a consistent theme for me. Here are a couple of recent pieces...

'To the Moon'
by Emily Hamilton
Buy here

'Over the Rainbow'
by Emily Hamilton
Buy here
More ramblings to follow next week, there's a lot to catch up on!

Friday, 14 February 2014


Red roses, lovey dovey, carpets of petals, champagne bubbles - for all you Valentines lovers and haters....Happy Valentines Day!

'Jammy' by Emily Hamilton