Friday, 26 October 2012

Christmas, yes, Christmas cards...

I know Christmas seems to start far too early nowadays, but seeing as it's less than a week until November I thought it wouldn't be too out the way to start getting a bit festive - so with that in mind, I've been surprisingly organised & produced a set of 6 Christmas cards.

I'll be selling these on my etsy shop as well as locally but you can also order them directly from me - just drop me an email at or a text (if you have my number!) or facebook me.

Cards are: 

Tree : Baubles : Snowflake 

Single - £1.50
4 pack  (4 x 1 design) - £4.50 
6 pack (1 of each design) - £6.50
12 pack (2 of each design) - £12.50

Postage is the usual Royal Mail charges & nothing on top (unless you live near me & I'll deliver them for free!)

Monday, 8 October 2012

Shopping & guinea fowls

I created some prints for the SurfGirl Beach Boutique shop - you can have a look & a buy here.

I also felt like drawing a guinea fowl. I'm not sure if he's too impressed with his new tribal-style feathers or not...

'Tribal Guinea Fowl'

A print of an original drawing, which I created with pen, ink & watercolour.

I love the black & white glossy, spotted feathers of the guinea fowl. This one gets a splash of sea-coloured tribal to go with its dots.

High quality print on thick, matte, archival paper.

This print will be approx. 8" x 7" with a white border for framing.