Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Surfing & cooking

I'm waiting patiently for the postman this week - he's due to drop me off a copy of the Surf Cafe Cookbook, which I'm very pleased to report I was asked to help out with some illustrations a little while ago. 
I can't wait to see a hard copy as it looks amazing and I've heard on good authority that there are some pretty unmissable recipes inside...that's all I need to know, yum.

Read more about Myles & Jane, the Surf Cafe Cookbook's creators, here

I'm getting a bit niftier with a camera lately so when I've tried out some recipes, I'll share some pictures... 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Yonderland, Yonderland, Yonderland

Profile Picture
Yes please.
Dreamt up by the lovely Ella & Steve, Yonderland Clothing is a brand new little company selling simple, stylish and ethically friendly things for us all to wear.

7 months ago I was sunning myself in Lanzarote when a little email from Steve arrived in my inbox. 'We're setting up a new company' were his words 'is this something you might be interested in?' were the next. 
I said 'yes please!' and lots of pens, paper, pencils, emails, tea and Ella's awesome chocolate cupcakes later, is...

I know Steve & Ella have worked incredibly hard to bring this all together, from sourcing the perfect tees to sorting the printers and a whole host of other stuff along the way. They put together a great little team of talented people (who you can read about here), and I've had a brilliant time helping them create   these super lovely garments. 

So for now, all that's left to be said is GO AND BUY ONE! or two...or three...

          Image of BettyImage of ArielImage of Faye

Monday, 2 July 2012

Germ free

Just a note to say that the plague has finally left the Hamilton/Shapland residence. Visitors are now more than welcome, although Josh has still got something weird on his shoulder.

Also, the clothing project I've been involved with is finally about to come to fruition. Yonderland is a new British clothing company making very cool & very comfy tees & vests. Their website will be coming any day now but have a look at http://www.yonderlandclothing.blogspot.co.uk/