Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Surfing & cooking

I'm waiting patiently for the postman this week - he's due to drop me off a copy of the Surf Cafe Cookbook, which I'm very pleased to report I was asked to help out with some illustrations a little while ago. 
I can't wait to see a hard copy as it looks amazing and I've heard on good authority that there are some pretty unmissable recipes inside...that's all I need to know, yum.

Read more about Myles & Jane, the Surf Cafe Cookbook's creators, here

I'm getting a bit niftier with a camera lately so when I've tried out some recipes, I'll share some pictures... 


  1. This looks great Emily, well done! Have a fab day!

  2. Thanks Steve, I'm still waiting for the postman! See you in the sea soon!