Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cold worms

Summer is officially over - the airs cold, the seas cold, and I've got a cold. Boo. 
Last week (before the cold) Sunny & I went on a walk, which turned into a nature walk. She loves her creatures & we spotted slugs, spiders, snails, crows, hoverflies & a worm. Lovely.
It reminded me about when I was small & we lived in Kenya - our school backed onto a national park so on the way home we'd often go on a little animal spotting session. I had a little reminisce & here's part of a work in progress..

 I've also been busy getting some greetings card designs ready for a new project. These will be available soon (ish!) but contact me if you like them and would like a card/to see the rest/have a custom design...this can all be organised! 

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