Thursday, 23 May 2013

Busy getting hitched

A blog post is way overdue...!

The last month or so has been mostly spent making things, painting things, hammering things, sewing things, sourcing things, hanging things, drawing things and generally being a bit busy on doing anything for our DIY wedding...

...and now its all over!

So finally its back to the drawing board (literally) and time to get on with some real artwork. For those who haven't seen them already, my most recent pieces are this little trio of surfers - taking much inspiration from my favourite female water ladies, Kassia Meador and Belinda Baggs. I even had a message back from Belinda, and I quote:

"your art is amazing!"
Which obviously made my year!
(available to buy here)

I have new works in progress which I will be posting up shortly, but in the mean time I'll be reminiscing about last weekend and my (not so?!) hot dance!

photo: phil stanier

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