Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Inky fingers & triathlons

Another late blog post...the weeks are disappearing too fast!
Things have been busy lately, I'm still on post-wedding/holiday catch-up but hopefully next week things will almost be back on track...
So to give myself a break from triathlon training (don't ask - it's not as impressive as it sounds) and crossing off things on my giant to-do list, I took some inspiration from my lovely craft-tastic friend, the super creative Phoebe Gander (check out her blog, its brilliant) and made myself up a little wood block. This week I have been busily printing, folding, stanley-knifing & cello-wrapping loads of cards (usually a job for the printers but due to circumstances I've taken it into my own hands this week!) so these block prints were a fun addition to the card collection.
Simple but effective.

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