Thursday, 3 October 2013

Neon brights

Today is a grey day. A grey day where I got completely soaked in a torrential downpour with no form whatsoever of waterproof garmentation.
So what was a girl to do, apart from quickly buy a neon jumper then go home and get some neon paints out.
I love a bit of neon. Its pretty good at tarting up some nice hairy manilla, and giving something plain & simple a nice little bit of pow...
(Oh and it also happens to be the name of the very excellent wetsuits made by my talented friend Elsie Pinniger...)

 Apart from my obvious excitement at everything neon, I also had a very good morning meeting the lovely ladies at Nalu Beads headquarters. I spent it peering into their amazing ocean-inspired lampwork beads & getting excited with Lisa & Rae about all the potential ideas they had.
More on that to come soon...
Until then, I recommend getting some neon in your life (although note, please be careful when photographing neon paint. Josh doesnt know it yet but I managed to drop his iphone in some mid snapping. Oopsy).

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