Monday, 28 October 2013

Apples, arrows & stripes

Follow your heart & you will fly straight and true
Emily Hamilton
(ink & watercolour)
Last month I was racking my brains to work out how I could incorporate the striped style from my 'Surfer' series. I really like the way they look & have been attempting numerous creations, from wooly jumpers & fruit to sail boats and palm trees. Below is one of the pieces which I've added a snippet of typography to, along with some more wood block printing recycled from my pineapple & watermelon pieces earlier this year. 
'Stand Tall'
Emily Hamilton
(ink, watercolour & wood block print)

and to finish off, here's a share of the beautiful JF Shapes board I was asked to add a few lines to. It really didnt need anything to make it look better, but I just added some light, unobtrusive detail to the amazing wooden fins.

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